Articles and other Resources

Here are some recent articles and other resources available online. For a complete list, see my Curriculum Vitae.

With Oller, J., and Serra, J.M. Rethinking Initial Teacher Education for Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom. @tic. revista d'innovació educative, Universitat de València, No. 7, December 2011: 52-61. Click here to view the article in Spanish.

Más Allá del Primer Contacto: ¿cómo dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes extranjeros y a sus padres? Prácticas en Educación Intercultural nº 2: 10-33. This article, published in Spanish, was the result of a collaboration with Josep María Serra and Judith Oller of the University of Girona. Click here to read the article (in Spanish).

The following articles were published by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

ELL Voices in the Classroom: oral language strategies for English language learners. Practical ways to promote purposeful classroom talk among students. Click here to download.

A World of Words: vocabulary development for English language learners. Practical approaches to vocabulary instruction. Click on the pdf on the left.Click here to download.

How Long Does it Take? Lessons from EQAO data on English language learners in Ontario Schools. Analysis of the achievement of English language learners and newcomer students on provincial literacy tests. Click here to download. 

Many Roots, Many Voices: Supporting English Language Learners in Every Classroom (lead writer). This resource guide is an introduction to working in multilingual and multicutural classrooms. Click here to download.